Apostle Livingstone Banjagala
Presiding Prelate I.F.O.C.C Tanzania

Pastor Of New Vision International Church

I.F.O.C.C. Plays a major role participating in the gathering of Christian churches under the banner of the Five-Fold Ministry. I.F.O.C.C. has License, Ordain and Consecrated many Bishops and Apostles to bring Unity to the body of Christ and to empower and give hope to the Christian Churches they serve.

I.F.O.C.C. Has many churches and ministries in Tanzania under the Leadership Of   Apostle Livingstone Banjagala Presiding Prelate I.F.O.C.C. Tanzania.

He is the Pastor City Harvest International and CEO & Founder at Jericho Breakers in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

During your vacation in Tanzania you’ll see crowds of well dressed people marching down the streets. These men, women and children are all heading in the same direction – to their local church. A similar, lively scene happens on Fridays, when Muslims gather together to pray at their mosque, followed on Sunday by the Christian parade.

Religion, a part of daily life

Tanzania is no exception As with most African countries, during your trip to Tanzania you’ll quickly understand the importance religion holds in peoples’ daily lives. Every religious festival is a big occasion. You’ll be impressed by the importance of Friday’s Muslim prayers and the Christian Sunday service.

On Sundays, the roads are crammed full of worshippers hurrying off to their local church. Everyone is dressed in their ‘Sunday best’ and they certainly live up to this idiom. Men and women are dressed up to the nines. Their clothes and accessories are beautiful. Same goes for their kids. Boys run along roads in their buttoned-up blazers, whilst girls, like any little girl in pretty dress, pirouette their way down the streets. This ‘procession’ to church is quite spectacular.

Religious statistics in Tanzania

There’s no official statistic, but estimates claim 80% of the Tanzanian population are Muslim or Christian and 15% are animist – although this is just a rough figure.

The Islam worshipped in Tanzania is primarily of the Sunni faith.

Christianity is the religion that most Tanzanians follow. During your trip you’ll see the importance of volunteering, as church members offer support and help to the needy.

As far a state politics goes, religious adherence plays a crucial role in the careers of civil servants. Consequently, the most important jobs today are held by Christian followers. Julius Nyerere is known for his work translating the Bible in to Swahili.

A word on the animists. Animism accounts for around 15% of Tanzanians. The exact figure is probably higher, as some may follow two religions – Christianity combined with animism for example.