International Fellowship Of Covenant Churches

If you desire to apply as a candidate for five-fold ministry ordination from Apostle Ernest O Turner and the I.F.O.C.C. Network, you must meet the qualifications below, and then submit a request for review. Ordination is not a requirement for I.F.O.C.C. affiliation, since many ministers have either been licensed or ordained through other churches, organizations or denominations. But there are some who may feel that because their previous ministerial licensing or ordination service did not involve the presbytery of apostles and prophets to impart and prophesy into their lives, they would desire to receive a fresh commissioning and ordination. So this is only for proven full-time ministers who have the fruit (works) of the five-fold office they are called to and requesting ordination for.

License | Ordain | Apostolic Consecration

Is God Calling You To The Work Of A Professional Ministry?
Are You Being Called To Preach The Gospel?
Do You Need To Be Ordained?

I.F.O.C.C. offers qualified candidates one of the Most Respected Christian Ordination in the world. We just don’t ordain you, but also Help You To Get Started In A New Independent Ministry. With This Most Respected, Apostolic, Worldwide, International Fellowship Of God! We Ordain, Consecrate and Affirm Apostles, Bishops, Evangelists, Pastors, Bible Teachers, Ministers, Missionaries, And God Called Christian Men & Women All Over The World!

No Matter What Your Calling We Will Ordain And Help You By Providing Counsel, Training, Fellowship, Apostolic Leadership & Covering.

• The candidate for ordination will be of good character meeting the requirements of 1Timothy 3.
• To be considered for ordination, you must submit an I.F.O.C.C. application fully completed and become a member of the I.F.O.C.C.
• Furthermore, to be considered for ordination, it is imperative that we get know you and your ministry, as Scripture clearly states that we should know them that labor among us, and to lay hands on no man suddenly. For this reason, we want to encourage you to participate in the yearly I.F.O.C.C. International Holy Convocation, Leadership Conference, & Zoom Teaching Sessions So that you can become acquainted and build relationship with some key I.F.O.C.C. leaders. We also would like to encourage you to reach out and connect with I.F.O.C.C. Presiding Apostles and Presiding Bishops in your region that they provide a recommendation for ordination.

Upon completion of the commissioning/ordination service, you will receive I.F.O.C.C. credentials in the form of an id card with your photo on it and a official certificate that can be framed.

If you are ready and interested, please send us a mail now!