The Vision of International Fellowship Of Covenant Churches is to unite ministries who are dedicated to partnering in Kingdom Building initiatives. Our aim is to positively impact the Kingdom, by building kingdom-oriented lifestyles and ministries.

The Vision Is To Provide Leadership And Covering:

True apostolic oversight has to do with being a “father” to the church. Seeing the church as a father sees his children, intent on training his children according to their individual needs. Caring for children is tiring work. Paul said; You remember brethren, our labor and toil, laboring day and night (1 Thess. 2:9). True Apostles faithfully proclaim “The Gospel of God” without alteration or substitution. IFOCC goal is to gather the disenfranchise leaders; those who have been abuse, mistreated, overlooked, by mainstream Christian organizations and provide a true Apostolic covering.

The Vision Is To Be an Apostolic Hub:

God has called IFOCC to be an International Apostolic Hub. Our desire, through a clarion call of the Holy Spirit, is to be a meeting place and training center to bring forth the warriors in the Kingdom of God. We desire to be a center that dispatches dynamic teams, ministries, and individuals who are climate changers by the authority of Jesus Christ. We want to recognize, grow, mature, affirm and equip: Apostles, Prophets, Teachers, Preachers, and Evangelist for the work of the Kingdom.

This Vision Is To Become a Safe Haven:

In these tough economic and personal times it is our desire to be a place of refuge for the hurting, scared, and discouraged men and women of God. The church and her light needs to shine with a new brightness. We must be careful not to judge, but to be a hand of support to those who need hope. As the very structures that people have placed their trust in continue to crumble, it is our duty to introduce them to someone who will never leave them or forsake them: Christ Jesus!

The Vision Is Release The Five Fold Ministries:

In this season, the church must shift into the God inspired alignment. God is calling His people into the fullness of His glory. He desires us to return to a place of power (Genesis 1:28 – Let us create man in our own image and give him all power and authority to rule)! This fullness is to be carried on the wings of the restored church of Jesus Christ. This is the FULLNESS, WIDTH, and BREATH of Jesus. The Apostles, Prophets, Teachers, Preachers, and Evangelists must come back to the house of God and most importantly; these offices need to belong to a local body.

The Vision Is To Develop an Apostolic Leadership:

Apostolic from the Greek is Apostollos, meaning pioneer, groundbreaker, first. IFOCC desires to see people walk into their apostolic grace, to become a people of Kingdom authority walking in their rightful place as believers (Deuteronomy 28:13 – The LORD will make you the head, not the tail. If you pay attention to the commands of the LORD your God that I give you this day and carefully follow them, you will always be at the top, never at the bottom.)

The Vision Is To Build Apostolic Teams:

There is a need to create teams of empowered people following in their gifting while building up and perfecting the body of Christ. The church must shift from the one man show mentality, because the task is too large. Creating teams that walk in the authority and power of Jesus Christ helps to create an environment where change is not only desired, but eminent. In the very nature of the apostolic, these teams will be SENT OUT to operate in their gifting and be a blessing unto the body of Christ.

The Vision is To Continue To Train And Equip The Body:

God calls there to be an apostolic order for one reason and one reason only: that is the perfecting of the saints. As long as we are on this earth, we need to get into a place of Sozo, which is total salvation. Then we need to turn around and assist our brothers and sisters to reach their potential in Christ. As we follow this model we can experience the exponential, radical growth in the Kingdom of God. The Vision Is To Set In Order Apostolic Government: As we move in these next dimensions of God’s glory we will see many institutions who will desire the shift from a pastoral mentality to an apostolic order. Our desire is to help churches to make this transition preparing them for new dimensions of God’s glory.

The Vision Is To Set In Order Apostolic Government:

As we move in these next dimensions of God’s Glory we will see many institutions who will desire the shift from a pastoral mentality to an apostolic order. Our desire is to help churches to make this transition preparing them for new dimensions of God’s Glory.

The Vision Is To Encourage And Help Equip Women In Ministry:

To develop their ministry calling and be all that God has called them to be in this season of apostolic reformation. Apostle Ernest O Turner strongly believes that any apostolic oversight and accountability should be strictly biblical, spiritual, relational and Holy Spirit orchestrated. Our position then is that each local church and ministry has complete autonomy, and thus IMPACT exercises no legal authority over it. That is the responsibility of every church’s governing eldership and legally required board. One might call this covering without control.

Affiliation With I.F.O.C.C.:

You may affiliate as a five-fold minister, and then also choose one of the other categories that best describe your current primary area of ministry involvement you desire to affiliate with I.F.O.C.C.

If you are the senior leader of an independent church, you may both affiliate yourself as a minister, as well as your church. This may not be possible if the church is still affiliated with a denomination and you are in transition, in which case you would only affiliate as a minister. The same applies to ministries and organizations.

You may affiliate with I.F.O.C.C. even though you also are still connected with a denomination or other ministry/church organization or fellowship. Your purpose for affiliation with I.F.O.C.C. must be a desire to embrace this New Apostolic Reformation and to receive the revelation, teaching, grace, and oversight of one of it pioneers and leading voices around the world, Apostle Ernest O Turner. If you are not called into one of the five-fold ministry offices, but are called to actively influence the business or political sector, you may affiliate with I.F.O.C.C. as a Marketplace Minister.

If a husband and wife are both in 5-fold ministry and would both like to affiliate as ministers, they should fill out individual applications and submit them together. The fee for a couple is the same as an individual, and they will both receives a certificate of affiliation.

We Are I.F.O.C.C.