International Fellowship Of Covenant Churches Which is known by I.F.O.C.C.  It is a Five-Fold, Global Apostolic gathering of like-minded Christ-centered leaders from various nations and tongues who have obtained a like precious faith and share a common goal in advancing the Kingdom of God through collaboration, synergy and fellowship in the Holy Ghost. 

The I.F.O.C.C. was founded and Birthed in the year of 2010. Thru the hardship of transition from Michigan to Florida Apostle Turner was full of Vision that was ready to be birthed.  The birthing process was not easy for him, but he obeyed and excepted the will and call of God. Through physical sickness laying at the doors of death, pain and stress, God spoke and showed him a field of Wheat that was ready for harvest. And through that Vision The International Fellowship Of Covenant Churches was birthed. 

 God showed him a Global ministry that would include planting churches and ministries around the world.  Apostle Turner has traveled the world from USA to West Africa to East Africa to Indonesia, Asia, the Middle East and Haiti.

The I.F.O.C.C. currently has over 2500 Churches globally. Under the leadership of Apostle Ernest O Turner he has setup Apostolic government around the world and has formed apostolic teams to go into the world and provide spiritual covering and accountability to Apostles, Prophets, Evangelist, Pastors, Teachers and church leadership in order to build doctrinal sound ministries and assist leaders with birthing the vision that God has imparted.

We Are I.F.O.C.C.